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Experience the best adventure activity on the mountains of Pokhara, Just above the beautiful Phewa Lake. You don’t need to be especially fit to fly in a paraglider; Take off and landing involves running just a few steps and once airborne you sit back in a comfortable seat.
In our Tandem Paragliders We are able to take passengers weighing between 35 and 100 kg. Children aged between 7 and 17 require written parental consent.

You can also add some extras to the flight:

  • PHOTOS & VIDEO: with our selfie gopro hd camera
  • EXTRA! BE THE PILOT, TAKE THE CONTROLS! The pilot will give the participant a basic understanding of how a glider pilot. Once in the air, the participant can take the controls for part of the flight (10 minutes).
  • EXTRA ACTION! Basic aerobatic flight manoeuvres are added. A spiral dive of 360 and Wing Overs.
  • EXTRA FLY TOGETHER: it involves flying with your partner in two paragliders, but at the same time. For it will have two pilots simultaneously.

Location Pokhara, Nepal
Cost Will be mentioned when you contact us
Video: Will be mentioned when you contact us
Primary activity: Paragliding
Group size: 2- 12 people
Transportation: Private Vehicle
Depature from: Kathmandu, Nepal
Return to: Kathmandu, Nepal
Season: Sept-Oct / April-May
Day 01 After early breakfast at Hotel In Pokhara, we head to the paragliding point in the place called Sarangkot which is the hill top inside the Pokhara valley. Then there is the paragliding guide who will describe you about the safety measures and paragliding technique before you experience the actual paragliding adventure. Then finally you return back to hotel.


We need to see a copy of your license and insurance document before your departure. For flying in Nepal we require a permit from The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN). We arrange these for all our clients, please fax or email us a copy of your documents.
We require all pilots to have insurance that covers helicopter evacuation and repatriation.


Yes, anyone without any experience can enjoy paragliding. You can take a tandem flight where you will fly with a pilot where you just sit, relax and enjoy the smooth sail.


The Rupee is the currency in Nepal. It is a closed currency, so you will not be able to obtain any until you arrive in Nepal. We recommend that you purchase your Rupees after you arrive at your Hotel; they all have exchange desks. Alternatively there are numerous ATM (cash point) machines in both Kathmandu and Pokhara that accept most western credit cards. Bring some US dollars with you (we suggest at least $100), as if you haven’t arranged your entry visa, you will need $30 for your visa application at the airport. All major currencies can be exchanged and credit cards and Travellers Cheques are accepted in the main cities.


Nepali is the national language but only around 55% of the population can speak it as there is a wealth of other ethnic dialects spoken within the Kingdom. English is now very widely spoken and you will have no problem communicating in the cities and on the major trekking routes. However, once off the beaten path it is best if you learn a few simple words and phrases. A simple “Namaste” can work wonders in opening opportunities and interactions with locals. All our Sirdars and most of the porters speak excellent English and will gladly help you in expanding you vocabulary.


We offer two flight types for our tandem passengers to choose from. We offer the half hour Cloud Buster flight three to four times per day depending on weather conditions. We also offer an hour long Cross Country flight. Both flights begin and end in the same locations, and may vary in length depending on the daily conditions. In general, the Cloud buster flight can range from 15-30 minutes, and the cross country from 45-60 minutes. Again, this is due to Paragliding being a sport completely at the mercy of the current conditions, which can shift throughout the day.


With a few easy steps you can greatly reduce your chances of sickness spoiling your trip. Your trek cooks are trained to prepare the food. The main problem comes in eating and drinking in cities, where there is untreated water. In cities always drink bottled mineral water or water you know to be safe or treated. We recommend using a water bottle of your own, as it is cheaper to refill at a variety of “refill centers” and reduces the plastic waste that is already becoming a growing concern for Nepal. Do not brush your teeth in the tap water and keep your mouth closed in the shower. Wipe your knife, fork and plate with a paper napkin or handkerchief, particularly if they look wet. Do not eat anything from street vendors unless it is fried up in front of you, do not eat cold, sweetmeats, ice-cream or fruit unless you can peel it. Always try and wash your hands before eating. Wash your hands after going to the toilet.
On the paratreks we provide boiled water each night for you to fill up your water bottle for the following morning. You should bring iodine tablets or other water purification devices in case you have to fill up the next day.